No. 1273/A.R.(J)./2013                                           Bilaspur date 20th February, 2013




            As directed, by canceling the Notification No. Q-30/A.R.(J)/2013, Bilaspur, dated 18th February, 2013, the instant revised notification is being published in regard to the Indications on the Electronic Display Board, installed in the Hon'ble High Court, which are as follows:-


1]            Daily cause-lists are numbered 1 to 4; whereas, weekly cause-lists ate numbered 5 to 9 (instead of 2...... as Indicated eamer)


2]            The indication on the electronic board is as follows:

[i]     The first digit from left indicates the number of the list;

[ii]    The second from left is an alphabet A, B, C, .... It indicates the first, second, third, reading of the list;

[iii]   The last two digits from left indicates the number of that list being taken up in the Court.

3]            List of weekly criminal cases weekly list (5) and list of cases other than criminal cases (6) will be taken up alternatively.



By order of Hon'ble the Chief Justice,




(Rajesh Shrivastava)

Addl. Registrar (Judicial)